Getting Published in High Impact Journals

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For better or for worse, most scientists aspire to publish their work in the top journals such as Nature or Science, but sometimes this can seem like an impossibly steep mountain to climb. Tales abound about the over-achieving PhD student that got their work straight in, and coffee-room competitions about the length of time it takes to get a rejection are seemingly commonplace. However, with a bit of thought and proactivity, getting published in these journals can become a reality. A few things to consider: Continue reading “Getting Published in High Impact Journals”


Five Tips on Developing an Effective Science Outreach Strategy

Most researchers struggle to find time to engage in public outreach activities, despite recognising the importance of communicating their work. Sharing scientific findings can have important implications for environmental protection and technological advancement and reaching non-specialists is crucial for building a supportive public opinion and fighting misinformation.

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From Stars to Reservoirs – career paths aren’t always straight!

For our first lunchtime forum we decided to ask one of our professors to talk about their career path – and we couldn’t have picked a better example than Dr Gillian Pickup – Assistant Professor in EGIS. Looking at someone’s research profile or mini CV doesn’t necessarily give you an insight into why they did certain jobs or moved to different places and how this fitted with their situation at the time.

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Our first networking event

Our first Lyell Drinks event was held on 31st August and was a resounding success.

Around 30 people, mainly postdocs and early career researchers from Heriot-Watt and the BGS, but also including senior members of staff from across the university, gathered for an hour and a half of chatting, eating and drinking.

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What is the EGIS postdoc forum?

Why are we here?

Being a postdoc is stressful and support networks within universities in general are limited so we decided to take some action and start a forum.

What is the EGIS postdoc forum?

The EGIS postdoc forum has been set up by postdocs within EGIS (School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society) at Heriot-Watt University, in conjunction with senior academic staff, to provide peer support for issues relevant to the postdoc community such as funding, contracts, work-life balance, career planning etc.

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